Camp High Hopes and World University Games

Cary Chamber Education Golf Tournament

Monday I joined council member Jack Smith and former Cary Chamber President Howard Johnson in playing a charity golf event at MacGregor Downs. It was a good day to raise funds for helping schools and mingle with the great business leaders in Cary.

Crabtree Creek Greenway Update

Monday I received the following update from staff about pipes along the newly opened section of Crabtree Creek Greenway: “The black 24-inch pipe running along the Crabtree Creek Greenway is a temporary line that was installed to temporarily redirect sewer flows around the pipes and manholes being rehabilitated.  You may have seen the large pumps located in the sewer easement near Evans Road.  While the sewer lines were being upgraded, these pumps routed sewer flows through this temporary line to a downstream manhole near the Black Creek Greenway on the opposite side of the lake.  There are still some final repairs needed to the underground sewer crossing beneath Lake Crabtree, which is why this temporary line is still in place.  When this work is completed, over the next several weeks, the temporary pipe will be removed.  The remaining work along the Crabtree Creek Greenway can be completed without closing the greenway, so we opted to open the greenway with the temporary line still in place, so that residents could enjoy the Crabtree Creek Greenway.”

Camp High Hopes Tour

Tuesday I toured the YMCA We Build People Camp at West Cary Middle School called Camp High Hopes. This is a summer day camp subsidized by donations to the YMCA’s Annual We Build People Campaign. Most of the campers are low-income families who could not afford a camp. Daily activities for campers include sports and swim lessons, literacy instruction, and character development. Breakfast and lunch are provided for the campers. The 200 campers are Pre-K through middle school. There is also a leadership program for some of the 9th and 10th graders. It is estimated that 60% of them come back to work as paid staff. This is such a valuable resource for these families and our community. If you would like to get involved, you can donate to the We Build People Campaign.  

World University Games Visitors

Cary and the Triangle are among the final two locations to get the 2027 World University Games. Our competition is Chungcheong, South Korea. Tuesday I, along with several staff and chamber members, met with officials from International University Sports Federation (FISU) who are in Lausanne, Switzerland. They visited venues and had conversations with officials that would be hosting the event. I think they were impressed by our area. They will visit again in September before deciding in November.

Indy Weekly Interview

Thursday I met with a reporter from Independent Weekly to talk about the current and future Cary Tennis Park. We talked about the recent changes with lighting and seating. I also explained the clubhouse rebuild which will not only serve to hold professional tennis tournaments but will have spaces for daily community use. The new clubhouse is also being designed to hold the North Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame. I also talked about our long-term vision of expanding to the south with multiple tennis surfaces such as grass and red clay.

I explained how tennis continues to grow not only in Cary but across the nation. Some say pickleball is growing more than tennis and that we should replace some of our tennis courts with pickleball courts. I think that would be an unwise decision. According to the latest industry survey, the growth of new tennis players in the last two years is not only greater than the growth of all other racket sports combined, but new players outnumber the total number of people playing pickleball nationwide.

That being said, our goal is to provide excellence in all recreational facilities that our residents demand. The Cary Tennis Park is an example of this and in 2019 was given the USTA’s Highest Facility Honor by being named the 2019 Featured Facility. Our vision is to keep the Cary Tennis Park as the best of the best.


Thursday I lunch with a local business leader. It is crucial to build relationships with decision makers and business leaders if we are to be a successful community. While I don’t usually write about these meetings, I thought it was important to point out that they are part of the day-to-day job and how important they are.

North Carolina Metro Mayors

The North Carolina Metro Mayors met on Friday. Here is a summary from the Executive Director:

Federal Update

ARP – Affordable Housing: US Treasury made a significant CHANGE to guidance for the use of American Rescue Plan (ARP) State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLRF) – allowing our city ARP funds to be used for affordable housing loans (including those loans that qualify for Tax Credits):

NC Housing Coalition alert here –  NCHC ALERT

  • If you use the ARP funding for Affordable Housing, please have your staff share that information with Beau and the League.  We are tracking this information in order to share it with media and our federal partners.
  • Two members of our NC Congressional delegation, Rep. Alma Adams (D) and Rep. David Rouzer (R), led the charge to allow ARP funding to be used for affordable housing loans. Their efforts as primary sponsors of the “Lifeline Act” played a significant role in pushing the US Treasury department to change their regulations. PLEASE share our appreciation for this with both of these Members of Congress.

CHIPS Act – $52b bill with tasty morsels for NC? Research funding and manufacturing – NC is well positioned to benefit.

  • The CHIPS Act passed last week – an incentive program that includes grants and tax incentives for microchip manufacturing in the US.  It also includes a major infusion of funding for research to the National Science Foundation and DOE, which stands to benefit our state since our public and private universities are highly successful in winning competitive federal research grants (NC universities brought in over $2.5 billion in research funds last year).
  • Additionally, the NC General Assembly’s recently passed budget set-aside over $100m to help attract a new manufacturing facility, widely thought to serve as matching funds to help NC compete for a microchip facility and federal CHIPS funds for a new plant that would employ at least 1,800 people.
  • Senator Tillis (R) was an important partner in bringing this bipartisan legislation across the finish line in the Senate, where it had earlier stalled.

Inflation Reduction Act – BBB light with Manchin & Biden support (includes taxes/deficit reduction and investments in energy/climate) moved closer to a vote as a reconciliation bill (only requires 50 votes in the Senate) – hurdles remain

  • The Inflation Reduction Act has three main features:  reduce prescription drug costs by letting the federal government negotiate prices; raise federal revenue and reduce deficit growth through with tax reform; and provide funds for energy/climate change issues.  Pending a review by the Senate Parliamentarian (who determines whether it meets the Senate’s complex budget reconciliation rules to avoid the cloture/filibuster 60 vote requirement), a vote is expected tomorrow (Saturday) in the US Senate.

General Assembly

No action – no votes anticipated, but we do expect to see a deal regarding Medicaid expansion before the end of the year.

Town Manager’s Report

The Town Manager’s report for this week included:

Russ’s Message

Good afternoon,

It’s great to be back in Cary after three weeks away at Harvard Kennedy School.  Boston and Cambridge were nice but there’s just no place like Cary. After discussing different perspectives, viewpoints, and case studies in class, I couldn’t be prouder of the work we are doing in Cary while working alongside our great staff and elected officials.
I hope you enjoy this week’s report.  Have a great weekend!

Development Pulse Report

The July 2022 Development Pulse Report is now available.


  • Triangle Math and Science Academy, 312 Gregson Drive: The certificate of compliance was issued for the installation of one electric vehicle charging station and a building permit has been approved for the school to add a pole mounted solar array.
  • Cary Towne Center Mall Partial Demolition, 1105 Walnut Street: The certificate of compliance was issued for the demolition of the former mall structure and construction of a new exterior wall on the remaining former Belk building.
  • Town Council approved two rezoning applications in July, including:
    • Chapel Hill Road Rezoning (21-REZ-14), 9518 and 9520 Chapel Hill Road: Request to rezone two parcels from R-40 to TR-CU limiting the use to a maximum 32 townhouses and neighborhood recreation with a minimum of 3,700 square feet.
    • The Terraces at West Cary (21-REZ-08), 3753, 3761 and 0 NC Highway 55: Request to rezone the property for a maximum of 55 townhouses and neighborhood recreation.

Town Hall Generator Mural

Mural installer, RAD Graphics, has been working to complete the digitally produced mural that was created by artist Rhett Hissam. The artwork creates an illusion of a field of native flowers on the north side of the generator that faces the Herbert C. Young Community Center parking lot.

ITE Journal

Cary’s Reedy Creek Road Improvements Project was celebrated in the July 2022 edition of the ITE Journal. The ITE Journal is published monthly by the Institute of Transportation Engineers to share knowledge, practices, and skills to serve the needs of communities and help shape the future of transportation.

August ZBOA Meeting

The Cary Zoning Board unanimously approved the Park Overlook Project. This project proposes a new non-residential center, featuring office and warehouse uses on 14.51 acres of property at 11724 Green Level Church Road between Green Level Church Road and NC Highway 55. The proposed development will include two buildings totaling approximately 163,000 square feet.

Chamber’s Business of Women Luncheon

On July 28, a delegation of the police department’s female leaders attended the Cary Chamber of Commerce’s Business of Women Luncheon Series: Frontline Leadership Lessons at the Prestonwood Country Club. 

Powell Bill

On August 1, staff completed its submittal to NCDOT for the Powell Bill Program. The budgeted Powell Bill revenue for FY2023 is $3,365,779. We anticipate receiving the 1st payment in September 2022.

Upcoming Meetings

Hybrid Environmental
Advisory Board

Tuesday Aug. 9
6:00 p.m.

Historic Preservation

Wednesday Aug. 10
6:30 p.m.

Mayor’s Mailbox

  • A complaint about an exposed sewer pipe along Crabtree Creek Greenway (pipe is temporary)
  • A complaint about a proposed rezoning on Carpenter Fire Station near Highcroft (council has not seen this proposal since this was a neighborhood meeting)
  • A request to help with awareness and education for Ovarian Cancer month which is in October
  • A request for contact information to Tim Sweeney of Epic Games (I don’t have that information)
  • A thank you to staff for helping with a proposed rezoning
  • A request for help with a plugged drain on Ralph Drive

Next Week

Next week’s activities include staff meetings, Diwali dance practice, Council group pictures, and a Cary Chamber Leadership dinner.

Well, that is all for this week. My next post will be on Sunday, August 14th. Although I have Facebook and Twitter accounts those are not the best means of communications with me. Please send all Town of Cary questions or comments to and email personal comments to

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